The Journey to Kisumu City Begins


Thanks for subscribing to Wigot Gardens blog! We realize that Netizens consult the Internet, not only to plan their trips, but also to discover the latest trends and fashionable destinations. As such, we want this information to be just a click away for our customers. Wigot Gardens IS MORE than a hotel. For our potential … Continue reading The Journey to Kisumu City Begins

Pack like a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are in many ways similar to business travellers. They globe trot half of their careers without a single planning hurdle. Planning an itinerary, finding cheap flight tickets online or even value for money hotels in Kisumu. However, a week with a corporate traveller or a flight attendant doesn’t portray the rosy nature. With … Continue reading Pack like a Flight Attendant

3 Brunch Recipes for Holidays

Following the success of Wigot Gardens Jamhuri Day Brunch, our guests asked for a few recipes. Not surprising since Christmas holidays are meant to be relaxing, wake up late and therefore have late breakfast or early lunch. So why not a brunch with family at home? Here are a couple of recipes to get you … Continue reading 3 Brunch Recipes for Holidays

The Ultimate Kisumu Bucket List

Vogue Magazine's guide to Kisumu County Lupita put her hometown on the world map when Vogue Magazine photographed her in 2016. Browsing through the fashion magazine, you wouldn't know where the pictures unless you were a native of Kisumu. As you prepare for your holidays in the western part of Kenya, here are some of … Continue reading The Ultimate Kisumu Bucket List

WIGOT GARDENS – Best Wedding Venues in Kisumu

Kisumu is blessed with picturesque destinations; from the beaches of the Lake Victoria, into the barely visited Ndere islands, over the scenic Winam Gulf up to the mythical Kit Mikiyai. It is no wonder that one would be confused in choosing a wedding venue in Kisumu. Wedding destinations are now the norm no longer reserved … Continue reading WIGOT GARDENS – Best Wedding Venues in Kisumu